Magnetic molecules are a new class of fascinating materials. These molecules contain a finite number of interacting spin centers (e.g. paramagnetic ions) and thus provide ideal opportunities to study basic concepts of magnetism. Some of them possess magnetic ground states and give rise to hysteresis effects and metastable magnetic phases. They may show quantum tunneling of the magnetization which raises the question of coherent dynamics in such systems. Other types of molecules exhibit pronounced frustration effects, whereas so-called spin crossover substances can switch their magnetic ground state and related properties such as color under irradiation of laser light, pressure or heat. Scientists from various fields - chemistry, physics; theory and experiment - have joined the research on molecular magnetism in order to explore the unprecedented properties of these new compounds.

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    FREE DOWNLOAD of the lectures notes of e.g. Wernsdorfer, Ruben, Blügel, Schnack, Postnikov, Lichtenstein, and many others.

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