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8.9.2021: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit, Grillen - E5! Du willst es doch auch!

Verteidigung Christian Beckmann 26.06.2020

APS March Meeting 2020

4 hours after we arrived!
Richard Winpenny: "Probably the most extreme action ever taken to stop Jürgen speaking!"

Keep calm and carry on!

Stranded participants at Capitol Hill.

My new office: 550 15st Street, Denver, CO 80202, phone: +1-303-534-7800 (room 1226)

Kicked off my work week with a Monday morning coffee.

Many thanks to Kate Ross, Matt Shors, and in particular Joe Zadrozny for the great hospitality
and for the idea to set up a mini symposium for stranded participants of the APS March Meeting.

Impression from the virtual Single Molecule Magnet "March Meeting" session, run online on 4 March 2020.
Many thanks to Jonathan Friedman to set up the session and to all speakers for their contributions.

Good morning, America. How are you?

Workshop Spin begins at 60, Karlsruhe, 19+20 December 2019

Verteidigung Andreas Meyer, 25. 10. 2019

Es gibt ein Leben nach dem Dekanat, 1. 10. 2019

Doktorandenseminar & BBQ, 15. 7. 2019

Lviv, StatPhys 2019, 3-6 July 2019

Three invited speakers and one invited presenter of concluding remarks after a hard day's work at the CSMAG in Kosice June 2019

DPG Spring Meeting 2019: after a hard day's work - oommm!

Verteidigung Oliver Hanebaum, 04. 10. 2018


Workshop, DFG research unit, 24. 09. 2018

JEMS 2018

Picture taken by Marco Armbruster (Mainz University).
Arbeitsgruppe, 07/2018

Heraeus workshop, Bad Honnef, 06/2018

Doktorandentreffen, DFG-Forschergruppe 2692, 17. 05. 2018

Verteidigung Henning-Timm Langwald, 13. 04. 2018

DPG Frühjahrstagung 2018

MolMag workshop at ZiF, 6-8 October 2017

Flat band workshop, Deajeon, Korea, 28 August - 1 September 2017

Verteidigung Matthias Götte, 14. 07. 2017

BBQ, 26. 06. 2017

Verteidigung Michael Czopnik, 17. 03. 2017

Exkursion zur GSI, Vorlesungen Kernphysik + Teilchenphysik, 30. 01. 2017

Bilder: Sascha Schleef
Excursion, Jülich, July, 2016

Picture taken by Sascha Schleef.
Exkursion zur GSI, Vorlesung Kernphysik, 18. 01. 2016

Bilder: Bärbel Fromme, Max Kreie
2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Materials Science, Tokyo, November 2015

Verteidigung Igor Sapina, Mai 2015

FOR 1807 workshop, Würzburg, February 2015

ZiF workshop, Bielelfeld, November 2014

Visit ISSP, Sofia, Bulgaria, 29. 08. 2014

BBQ, 12. 06. 2014
Excursion to GSI, Nuclear Physics class, 17. 01. 2014

Courtesy of Daniela Ramermann
Weihnachtsfeier 2013
FOR 945 Symposium on Magnetism of Frustrated Spin Systems, December 4th, 2013

Toru Sakai, Takashi Tonegawa, Jürgen Schnack, Nedko Ivanov, Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt and Johannes Richter enjoying dinner.
Jülich School on Correlated Electrons, September 2013
Verteidigung Martin Höck, 24. Juli 2013
BBQ, 17. July 2013
Sendai, February 2013
Excursion to GSI, Nuclear Physics class, 18. 01. 2013
BBQ, 03. July 2012
Evakuierungshelfer 13. 6. 2012
In einer Hierarchie steigt jeder solange auf, bis er den Posten seiner Inkompetenz erreicht hat.
504. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar, Quantum Magnetism in Low Spatial Dimensions
Bad Honnef, 16. 04. 2012 - 18. 04. 2012
Verabschiedung, Osnabrück, 27. Januar 2012

Verabschiedung von Klaus Betzler, Gunnar Borstel, Manfred Neumann und Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt; Foto von Werner Dudas.
Excursion, Berlin, BESSY & HMI, June 9th & 10th, 2011

Pictures taken from report of jDPG-Regionalgruppe Bielefeld.
Workshop, Bad Honnef, September 27th, 2010
Excursion, Jülich, September, 2010
HPC dedication, Bielefeld, June 17th, 2010
Benzi Galili, ScaleMP: "May the cluster live long and have many offspring."
Farewell, Bielefeld, February, 2010
Christmas, Bielefeld, 2009
ECT*, Trento, July, 2009
Kinderuni, Bielefeld, März, 2009
HFM, Braunschweig, September, 2008

ICMM, Florence, September, 2008

Ph.D. defense Mirko Brüger, Osnabrück, September 17th, 2008
Herbstakademie, Bielefeld, September, 2008

AG Schnack, Bielefeld, May 19, 2008

Quantum Magnetism, Minneapolis, May 2-4, 2008

A very good conference in every respect!

Herbstakademie 10.&11. 04. 2007

About 400 high school students were attending at both days.

Boris Tsukerblat explaining group theory; two overstrained students listening; 04. 09. 2007
Marshall and Hiroyuki in Bielefeld, 12. 07. 2007
(Mirror symmetry applied!)
Drawing by Markus Hoffmeier: Me, my kids in the bike trailer, and Metin Tolan with football.
(Do you find Prof. Bärwinkel?)
Antrittsvorlesung 16. 04. 2007

Was it the lecture? Was it the champagne?

Unpacked! February 12 2007

Jochen Gemmer: "Mann, Jürgen, dass ist ja echt der letzte Schrei! Aber wo genau soll eigentlich die Sprechstundenhilfe sitzen?"

Packed! January 18 2007
Two theoretical physicists and body guard, December 2006
Cleaning 15 years of history in 316
Motivational Break, November 9 2006
Visit at Hiroyuki's lab, Sendai, August 14. 2006
They are experimentalists!

Department BBC, Osnabrück, July 6 2006
Honorary Ph.D. for Marshall Luban, Osnabrück, June 22.&23. 2006
Go Magnetic! 25. 11. 2005
Miniworkshop, Osnabrück, November 18th 2005
DESY Besichtigung, 03. Juni 2005
Probestudium, 23. März 2005

After a hard working day at the Ames Lab January 2005 -- Der Tag geht, Johnny Walker kommt.
On the phone, 26. October 2004
Ph.D. Programm, Block Seminar, Nijmegen, 2004/10/9
Marshall and the Osnabrück gang, March 29th 2004
Miniworkshop, Osnabrück, March 24th 2004

The worldwide Ames group (Hiroyuki Nojiri)
Me and My New Super Computer, December 2003

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Hochschulinformationstag 2003
Storage in Town Conference by Fujitsu-Siemens 25. 06. 2002
Barbecue Summer Semester 2003
Lecture Mathematical Methods II, 21. 06. 2002
Habilitation, November 2001
Habilitation, November 2001

Habilitation, November 2001

Habilitation, November 2001

Osnabrück, November 2000
No brute force please!
No brute force please!

Is there a reason to celebrate?
Is there a reason to celebrate?

Yes, one of the formulas in the background is correct!
Yes, one of the formulas in the background is correct!

German research funding
German research funding (Fund raising can be so nice!)

NEVER put the detector under zero angle!
NEVER put the detector under zero angle!

Osnabrück, 27.11.2000
Marshall and Heinz-Jürgen
Marshall and Heinz-Jürgen discussing

Marshall giving a seminar
Marshall giving a seminar.

Marshall giving a seminar
Marshall giving a seminar.

Osnabrück, 22.11.2000

Marshall and Detlef
Marshall and Detlef

Marshall and Detlef
Marshall and Detlef

Ames, 18.07.2000
The Three Noodnicks!
Robert Modler, Marshall Luban and Jürgen Schnack (+Erwin Schrödinger)

Research Associate
Barak Luban

Marshall Luban, Vera Linn, Robert Modler, Barak Luban and Jürgen Schnack

BBQ, 02.06.2000
Workplace, 14.02.2000
Tutorium, 02.06.1999
Workplace, January 1999
Bielefeld, January 1999
Defense of Katja's PhD, Osnabrück, October 1998
GSI-Studentenprogramm 1995

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