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Name & URL Field & Methods
Affronte, Marco Theory
Albores, Pablo Synthesis
Andruh, Marius Inorganic Chemistry
Ardavan, Arzhang Experiment, EPR, pulsed EPR
Aromi, Guillem Synthesis
Atanasov, Mihail Theory, ab initio calculations
Atodiresei, Nicolae Theory, ab initio calculations
Awaga, Kunio Synthesis
Name & URL Field & Methods
Baker, Michael Experiment, neutron scattering, EPR, XMCD
Barra, Anne-Laure High-frequency EPR
Barbara, Bernard EPR
Baumgarten, Martin Synthesis, EPR, NMR
Beckhaus, Rüdiger Synthesis
Bendix, Jesper Synthesis
Bernot, Kevin Lanthanides, Coordination Chemistry, Molecular Magnetism, ...
Betley, Theodore Synthesis
Blügel, Stefan Theory, DFT
Blundell, Stephen J. Experiment, Muon Spin Resonance
Bogani, Lapo Experiment, Transport, Nano-Squid, EPR
Bousseksou, Azzedine Switchable Molecular Materials
Boskovic, Colette Synthesis
Bowen, Alice EPR, experiment
Brechin, Euan K. Synthesis
Brooker, Sally Synthesis, Transition Metal and Macrocyclic Chemistry
Brusso, Jaclyn Synthesis
Büchner, Bernd Theory
Bychkov, Vitaly Theory
Name & URL Field & Methods
Campo, Javier Experiment, Neutron scattering
Caneschi, Andrea Synthesis
Carretta, Stefano Theory
Chan, Garnet Quantum many-body theory
Chandrasekhar, V. Synthesis
Chastanet, Guillaume Synthesis
Cheng, Hai-Ping Quantum many-body theory
Chibotaru, Liviu Theory, ab initio calculations
Chilton, Nicholas F. Synthesis, Lanthanides, Theory
Christou, George Synthesis
Chudnovsky, Eugene M. Theory
Clerac, Rodolphe Experiment, single-chain magnets etc.
Collison, David EPR
Comba, Peter Synthesis
Coronado, Eugenio Everything
Cornia, Andrea Synthesis, Deposition, Characterization
Cronin, Lee Synthesis
Name & URL Field & Methods
Dalal, Naresh Experiment, ESR, Magnetization
Dechambenoit, Pierre Synthesis and crystallography
Decurtins, Silvio Synthesis
del Barco, Enrique Experiment, EPR, Magnetization, Low temperatures
Demir, Selvan Single-molecule magnets, organometallic chemistry
Doerrer, Linda Synthesis
Dreiser, Jan Experiment, XMCD, INS, EPR
Dressel, Martin Experiment, EPR
Dunbar, Kim Synthesis
Name & URL Field & Methods
Enders, Markus NMR, Synthesis
Engelhardt, Larry Theory, QMC
Evangelisti, Marco Experiment, low-temperature features, MCE
Name & URL Field & Methods
Farnell, Damian J.J. Theory, Coupled cluster method
Ferrando Soria, Jesus coordination chemistry
Feyerherm, Ralf Experiment
Fink, Karin Theory: Quantum chemical calculations
Fink, Rainer Experiment, NEXAFS, XMCD, XPEEM, STXM
Fittipaldi, Maria Experiment, EPR
Frank, Natia L. Synthesis
Freedman, Danna Synthesis
Friedman, Jonathan Experiment, Low-temperature measurements
Furukawa, Yuji Experiment, NMR
Name & URL Field & Methods
Gaita-Arino, Alejandro Theory
Galán-Mascarós, José Ramón Synthesis
Gao, Song Synthesis
Garanin, Dmitry Theory
Garcia, Yann Synthesis, Mössbauer, MuSR
Gatteschi, Dante Everything
Glaser, Thorsten Synthesis, magnetic characterization
Goddard, Paul Experiment, High-field magnetization
Goodwin, Conrad Synthesis
Gruselle, Michel Experiment, MCD
Guidi, Tatiana Experiment, Neutron scattering
Name & URL Field & Methods
Halcrow, Malcolm A. Spin crossover
Herchel, Radovan Synthesis, Squid, Simulations
Hendrickson, David N.
Hicks, Robin G. Synthesis
Hill, Stephen Experiment, EPR, High-field measurements
Herrmann, Carmen Theory
Hoffmann, Germar Experiment, STM, Molecules on surfaces
Holmes, Stephen M. Synthesis
Honecker, Andreas Theory
Name & URL Field & Methods
Inoue, Katsuya Experiment
Ishikawa, Naoto Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
Name & URL Field & Methods
Journaux, Yves Modeling, Experiment, Synthesis
Julve, Miguel Synthesis
Name & URL Field & Methods
Kajetorians, Alexander Ako Experiment, spin-polarized STM, molecules on surfaces
Kataev, Vladislav Experiment, ESR
Kaupp, Martin Theory, Electronic structure calculation
Kent, Andrew Experiment
Kepert, Cameron J. Synthesis, spin crossover
Klauß, Hans-Henning Experiment, Muon Spin Resonance, NMR
Klingeler, Rüdiger Experiment, High-field measurements
Kögerler, Paul Syntehsis
Konar, Sanjit Synthesis
Konstantinidis, Nikolaos Theory, spin Hamiltonians, frustration effects
Kortus, Jens Theory, DFT
Kortz, Ulrich Synthesis
Kuepper, Karsten Experiment, XPS, XMCD, multiplet simulations
Name & URL Field & Methods
Lake, Bella Experiment, Neutron scattering
Landee, Christopher P. Experiment
Layfield, Richard Single-molecule magnets, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry
Lemaire, Martin T. Synthesis
Lemmens, Peter Experiment, IR, Raman
Leon, Miguel Clemente Spin crossover materials
Lichtenstein, Alexander Theory, DFT
Long, Jeffrey Synthesis
Long, La-Sheng Synthesis and magnetic properties of lanthanide and lanthanide-transition metal clusters
Loss, Daniel Theory
Loth, Sebastian Surface, STM
Luis, Fernando Chemistry
Lunghi, Alessandro Theory, Simulations, Spin Dynamics
Name & URL Field & Methods
Mallah, Talal Spin crossovers, nanoparticles
Malrieu, Jean-Paul Theory
Mannini, Matteo Surface deposition
Mas-Torrent, Marta Molecular electronics
Mathoniere, Corine Synthesis
McInnes, Eric J.L. Synthesis
Meisel, Mark W. Experiment, Low-temperature measurements, NMR
Meyer, Franc Synthesis
Miller, Joel S. Synthesis
Milway, Victoria Synthesis
Mironov, Vladimir S. Theory
Mito, Masaki Magnetization, Pressure
Miyasaka, Hitoshi MOF
Mole, Richard Experiment, Neutron Scattering
Mondal, Abhishake Synthesis, Experiment
Morgan, Grace Synthesis, SMM, Spin Crossover, EPR, Mössbauer, Magnetic monopoles
Moro, Fabrizio Experiment, Frequency Domain Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Müller, Achim Synthesis
Müller, Paul Experiment, Magnetisierung, IV-characteristics
Murray, Keith S. Synthesis, EPR, Mössbauer
Murrie, Mark Synthesis
Murugavel, Ramaswamy Synthesis, Structure elucidation
Murugesu, Muralee Synthesis, magnetic measurements, optical studies and gas adsorption studies
Musfeldt, Janice Experiment, IR, Raman
Name & URL Field & Methods
Naaman, Ron IC, Organic-inorganic interfaces
Neese, Frank Experiment, XPS, XMCD, Theory
Nehrkorn, Joscha Experiment, ESR, XPS, XMCD, INS
Neumann, Manfred Experiment, XPS, XMCD
Nojiri, Hiroyuki Experiment, ESR, NMR, High-field measurements, INS
Novak, Miguel Experiment, Nanomagnetism
Name & URL Field & Methods
Oakley, Richard T. Synthesis
Ohba, Masaaki Coodination polymers, MOF
Okada, Keiji Synthesis
Ohkoshi, Shin-ichi Experiment, Synthesis, Magnetism, Optics
Oppeneer, Peter Theory, Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Oshima, Yugo Experiment
Oshio, Hiroki Synthesis
Ouahab, Lahcene Synthesis, Luminescence
Overgaard, Jacob Experiment, charge and spin density measurements
Name & URL Field & Methods
Palacio, Fernando magnetism of metal free organic systems
Papavassiliou, Georgios Experiment, NMR
Park, Kyungwha Theory, DFT
Pedersen, Kasper Synthesis
Pederson, Mark R. Theory, DFT
Penc, Karlo Theory, classical Spindynamics
Pereira, Laura C. J. Synthesis of 5f compounds
Perfetti, Mauro Experiment, Torque Magnetometry, Spin-Electric effect
Perlepes, Spyros Synthesis
Pietsch, Ulrich Experiement, X-ray, Synchrotron, AFM
Piligkos, Stergios Experiment, EPR, MCD, simulation
Pinkowicz, Dawid Synthesis
Pilkington, Melanie Synthesis, X-ray
Plass, Winfried Synthesis
Popov, Alexey Synthesis and magnetism of endohedral metallofullerenes
Postnikov, Andrei Theory, DFT
Powell, Annie Synthesis
Prelovsek, Peter Theorie, Finite temperature Lanczos
Preuss, Kathryn Synthesis
Prozorov, Ruslan Experiment, Low-temperature magnetization
Name & URL Field & Methods
Name & URL Field & Methods
Rajaraman, Gopalan Theory
Ramasesha, S. Theory
Ratera, Imma Surface
Real, José Antonio
Reis, Mario Theory, ...
Reiss, Günter Experiment
Rentschler, Eva Synthesis
Renz, Franz Synthesis, Mössbauer
Richter, Johannes Theory
Rousochatzakis, Ioannis Theory
Rovira, Concepció Molecular and Supramolecular Organic Materials, electronic transport
Ruben, Mario Synthesis
Ruiz, Eliseo Theory, electronic structure, DFT
Name & URL Field & Methods
Saalfrank, Rolf Synthesis
Salvan, Georgeta Synthesis
Sandeman, Karl Calorics
Santini, Paolo Experiment
Sanvito, Stefano Density functional theory based quantum transport
Sarachik, Myriam P. Low-temperature measurements
Sato, Kazunobu Molecular Physical Chemistry
Sato, Osamu Synthesis
Schilling, Rolf Theory
Schmidt, Heinz-Jürgen Theory
Schleberger, Marika Experiment, Surface science
Schnack, Jürgen Theory
Schröder, Christian Theory
Schünemann, Volker Experiment, Mössbauer
Sessoli, Roberta Everything
Shatruk, Michael Synthesis, crystallography, magnetic characterization
Shores, Matthew P. Synthesis, SMM, magnetic characterization
Sieklucka, Barbara Synthesis
Smith, Jeremy M. Synthesis, coordination chemistry
Song, You Synthesis, coordination chemistry
Sorace, Lorenzo EPR
Stamatatos, Theocharis C. Synthesis
Stamp, Philip C. E. Theory
Szałowski, Karol Theorie
Name & URL Field & Methods
Tajeda, Javier Quantum magnetism
Tasiopoulos, Anastasios Synthesis
Takui, Takeji Spintronics
Telser, Joshua EPR
Tennant, Alan Experiment, Neutron scattering
Tesi, Lorenzo Experiment, Spectroscopy
Thompson, Laurence K. Synthesis
Timco, Gregore Synthesis
Timm, Carsten Theory, Transport
Tokoro, Hiroko Experiment, Magnetism, Optics
Tong, Ming-Liang Synthesis, e.g. SMM, SCM, SCO)
Totti, Frederico Theory
Train, Cyrille Experiment, Magnetization, MCD
Tsukerblat, Boris Theory
Tuna, Floriana EPR
Name & URL Field & Methods
Ungur, Liviu Theory, ab initio calculations
Name & URL Field & Methods
Vaara, Juha Theory
Vaknin, David Experiment, Neutron Scattering
Valenti, Roser Theory, DFT
van der Zant, Herre Electronic properties of molecular and mechanical nano systems
van Slageren, Joris Experiment, ESR, Frequency Domain Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
van Wüllen, Christoph Theory: Quantum chemical calculations
Veciana, Jaume organic radicals and switchable electro-magnetic devices
Verdaguer, Michel Everything
Visinescu, Diana Synthesis
Volkmer, Dirk Synthesis
Name & URL Field & Methods
Waldmann, Oliver Experiment, INS, Theory
Wang, Xin-Yi Synthesis
Weber, Birgit Synthesis
Wegewijs, Maarten Theory, Transport
Wegner, Daniel Experiment, spin-polarized STM, molecules on surfaces
Weihe, Hogni Theory
Wende, Heiko Experiment, XPS, XMCD
Wernsdorfer, Wolfgang Experiment, Mini-, micro-, nano-squid
Weyhermueller, Thomas Synthesis
Wieghardt, Karl Coordination & Bioinorganic Chemistry
Wiesendanger, Roland Experiment, STM, Molecules on surfaces
Wills, Andrew S. Synthesis
Winpenny, Richard Synthesis
Wood, Paul T. Synthesis
Wosnitza, Joachim High-field experiments
Name & URL Field & Methods
Xue, Qi-Kun Experiment, STM spectroscopy
Name & URL Field & Methods
Yakhmi, J.V. Synthesis, LB method, Negative Magnetization
Yamashita, Masahiro Synthesis
Yin, Bing ab initio electronic structure calculation on lanthanide SMMs, especially Ln-SIMs
Name & URL Field & Methods
Zadrozny, Joe Synthesis, spectroscopy
Zamudio-Bayer, Vicente Spectroscopy
Zapf, Vivien Experiment, high fields
Zang, Xiaoguang Quantum many-body theory
Zhang, Yuan-Zhu Synthesis: SMM, SCM, SIM, photo-magnets
Zheng, Li-Min Metal phosphonate chemistry, Molecule based magnet, Surface coordination chemistry
Zheng, Yan-Zhen Synthesis
Žilić, Dijana EPR
Zvyagin, Sergei Experiment, EPR

This collection can never be complete; it is just a list of names which I am aware of. If you want to be listed here or you find a broken link, please simply drop me a line.