The international workshop on "Advances and Prospects in Molecular Magnetism" is devoted to the rapidly developing and highly interdisciplinary field of molecular magnetism. The major intention of the workshop is:

  • to bring together a small number of specialists and young researchers to disseminate the knowledge in this relatively novel and emerging field, and let them present recent results in a highly focused environment. The topics covered should illustrate general trends and new aspects, but cannot be expected to exhaustively cover the whole field.
  • to stimulate intensive and focused discussions in view of a basic understanding of the problems, or, at least, agree on scientifically valid formulations of the key issues to be resolved. New experimental as well as theoretical possibilities with respect to key questions should be explored, and forthcoming scientific questions defined.
  • to transfer this knowledge to younger researchers, and to get their input and fresh ideas. Young researchers and doctoral students should be involved in the focused discussions.
To overcome the intrinsic difficulties and barriers associated with communication of knowledge in strongly interdisciplinary fields requires a very intensive interaction and discussion amongst the scientists involved, which can ideally be done only in the kind of workshop made possible by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung, with wide international participation.