Dr. Vladislav Kataev
Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden
PF 27 01 16
D-01171 Dresden, Germany
Tel./ Fax: +49-(0)351-4659-3280351-4659-328/-313
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Dr. Vladislav Kataev


Electron Spin Resonance (ESR),

tunable in a frequency range between 10 GHz and 1 THz in magnetic fields up to 17 T covering a temperature range between 300 mK and room temperature. Available spectrometers: EMX (Bruker, X-Band), MVNA (AB Millimeter, 16 GHz - 1 THz) and BWO (180 GHz - 1 THz).


1. Molecular and nanoscale magnetism
  • molecular multi-center spin-clusters
  • magnetic carbon nanostructures
    (endohedrally doped fullerenes and nanotubes)
2. Low-dimensional quantum magnetism
  • complex transition-metal compounds
    with different spin topology
    (chains, ladders, planes)
3. Long-living spin states in semiconductors and low-dimensional spin systems