List of Posters

PDF of the list of posters.

Christian Balz

Investigation of a potential realization of the Nersesyan-Tsvelik Model in (NO)[Cu(NO3)3]

Anup Kumar Bera

Field induced magnetic ordering in the S =1 haldane chain compound SrNi2V2O8

Jana Cisarova

On the exact solution of Ising-Heisenberg model on lattices with triangles-in-triangles structure

Tommaso Coletta

Semiclassical theory of the 1/2 magnetization plateau of the J1-J2 model on the square lattice

Kateryna Foyevtsova

Cs2CuCl4-xBrx: perspectives of experimentally tunable frustration in a triangular lattice

Elena Garlatti

Relaxation dynamics in a Fe7 nanomagnet probed by NMR

Oliver Gštze

Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice with arbitrary spin: A higher-order coupled cluster treatment

Moritz Härtel

Thermodynamics of a two-dimensional frustrated spin-1/2 J1-J2 Heisenberg ferromagnet

Christian Heesing
Jürgen Schnack

Magnetocaloric properties of magnetic molecules studied with the finite temperature Lanczos method

Nedko Ivanov

Heat capacity of the twisted spin tube [(CuCl2tachH)3Cl]Cl2

Oleg Janson

Phase diagram of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg J1-Jd model on the kagome lattice

Vojtech Kaiser

Wien effect in lattice coulomb gas

Miklos Lajko

Exact ground states, deconfined gapless excitation for the 3 leg spin-1/2 tube

Peggy Li

Ground-state phase structure of the spin-½ anisotropic planar pyrochlore model

Laura Messio

Quantum ground state on kagome: What can we learn from the classical model?

Frederic Michaud

On the realization of higher Wess-Zumino-Witten models in spin chains

Eric Neuscamman

Application of correlator product states to the giant Keplerate molecular magnet Mo72Fe30

Vadim Ohanyan

Magnetocaloric effect in Suzuki models

Judit Romhanyi

Variational phase diagram and spin wave excitations in the multiferroic compound Ba2CoGe2O7

Pavel Rubin

Magnetic phase diagram of the spin-1 two-dimensional J1-J3 Heisenberg model on a triangular lattice

Luca Tocchio

Strong renormalization of the Fermi-surface topology close to the Mott transition

Sandor Toth

Magnetic soft modes in the distorted triangular antiferromagnet a-CaCr2O4

Alexander Tsirlin

Variable magnetism of the (CuX)LaM2O7 family (X = Cl, Br; M = Nb, Ta): Crystal structures, microscopic parameters, and magnetic phase diagram

Teimuraz Vekua

Spin-orbital models using dipolar fermions in zig-zag optical lattices

Ivica ZŽivković

0-D magnetic tetramers in monoclinic SeCuO3 with a quantum regime up to room temperature